GREEN ADVENTURINE Crystal Roller Ball Bottle


GREEN ADVENTURINE Crystal Roller Ball Bottle
GREEN ADVENTURINE is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals + known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” manifesting prosperity + wealth, increasing favour for boosting one’s chances in any situation. Green Aventurine releases old patterns, habits + disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism + a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence + to embrace change. It enhances one’s creativity + motivation + encourages perseverance in life’s obstacles. It also reinforces one’s decisiveness + amplifies leadership qualities, injecting a sense of humour + openness to the ideas of others.
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Combine the benefits of crystals with your favourite essential oil blend to create vibrational oils attuned and Infused with carefully selected gemstones to act as a conduit for healing energy

Each gemstone roller bottle includes a gorgeous polished gemstone roller and sterilised gemstone chips.

What a beautiful way to present your aromatic blends.

Just place them in your purse or backpack to enjoy the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy anywhere – anytime.

Caution: essential oils should not be used neat on the skin. Ensure any blend is used in conjunction with a carrier oil and patch tested before use.